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Introducing Kross post - Cross posting made easy

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·Mar 8, 2022·

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Hello everyone, I am planning to document my progress for the Hasura hackathon. In this post , I will be going over the application which I will be building and the motivation behind it.


When I want to cross post my articles across several blogging platform. I keep one platform as primary and once done cross post it from there to other platform using canonical-url provided by the primary platform. I ended up copy pasting the content to the platform and submitting them. It was not a fun task.


As a content creator , we all know how cross posting our content is important. Process should be easy and simple. It should not be boring and make you wanna hate create content.


I wanted to automate the whole process and there should be no copy-pasting and the user interface should be clean and simple.

Voilà: Kross post - Application to make cross posting simple and easy.

Basic MVP and flow :

Login to the app and configure your API keys of blogging platform and paste the content and hit publish. Kross post will take care of the canonical-url generation and posting it to the platforms.


Thank you for reading and also thank you hashnode for the hackathon. I will be detailing the architecture and stack in the next blog. Please feel free to comment the problems you are facing while cross posting your blog. I will solve them in the application.


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