My Journey into technology - What made you want to be a developer?

My Journey into technology - What made you want to be a developer?


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Hello everyone,

This blog will be part of the first series on #4Articlesin4weeks. I will be sharing with you , my journey towards technology and how I became a developer.

Quick intro about me before getting started.

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    hobbies: 'Blogging, Gaming',
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P.S This is my second non-tech article. This is my first article, if you would like to give it a read.

Level 1 - High School

In high school, I used to memorize computer programs for my exams. I was never interested in computer science 😩. After finishing high school , I did not know what path to choose. My brother suggested me to choose computer science engineering. I was actually scared at first but I went for it finally.

Spoiler Alert : I am now very grateful that I trusted myself and went with choice.

Level 2 - College

My parents bought me my first personal computer in my first year, around mid-2013. Below is the configuration

Processor : Intel i3 
Operating System: Windows 7
HDD: 500GB 

When I started my college, I was actually scared of how I am going to get through this. Then I thought , let's give it a shot. What could go wrong?

My intuition turned out to be correct. I started to love coding when I understood how computers process information. The problems you can solve with the help of code also reeled me into the computer science field.

I started learning to code using C and C++. It helped to create a foundation for the rest of the things I learned in the future related to tech.

Then, I slowly started poking around the internet to see what else I could do. I was fascinated by website animations and the portfolios of other developers. So, I wanted to create a website for myself. That's when I started learning HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Then, I made a very basic website with some details.

P.S Tried finding the site in my mail archives, misson was unsuccessful. πŸ˜”

I participated in a hackathon conducted by my college. The task was to build an application to solve a problem under specific categories.

The problem which our team was trying to solve was , we needed an interface where students can interact with teachers to clarify their doubts and submit assignments that the teachers could evaluate.

I learned PHP and MySQL and built a full-stack application to solve the problem. Even though we did not win , the process and the learning was great. I got to learn new things πŸ₯³.


Learning: DO NOT build all the features for the application just focus on the MVP ( Minimum viable product ).

One more good thing about the hackathon was that it steered me towards learning new things related to technology on my own through practice. That was when I realized that choosing this field was the right decision.

Learning: When you solve programming problems, you might not get the logic in a day, two days, or even a week. My suggestion would be do not give up, keep trying, and solve easier problems daily.

If it scares you so much, that’s when you need to do it.


Level 3 - Career

Now I am working as Software Engineer @ Granicus mainly focused on using web technologies to solve problems. I love every minute of it. Whenever I am not working , I focus on my health , learning new technologies and also sharing them with the community via blog.

Thanks to the decision which I took in high school which has led me here. I am very grateful for that.

Few learnings from my part, which I would tell my younger self before closing up.

  1. Be patient.
  2. Do not give up.
  3. Always be curious.
  4. Even if it is a small thing you learn, share it with the community through a blog or a video.

The process of learning and development is a never ending journey. So whenever I learn new things, I will share them on the platform. See you, everyone, in my next blog πŸ‘‹.

Thank you for reading my story. I hope it was helpful, and let me know your thoughts in the comments. Also, if you would like to connect, I am available on Twitter.

Happy Hacking πŸš€